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Register Unavailable

The Register will be unavailable on Monday 30th January 2023 from 6pm until 10pm. in order for us to carry out essential maintenance work. Please ensure that you have saved any work before logging off prior to 6pm- as failure to do so could result in issues with correct data showing on the Register. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

NI FMD Deadline

The deadline for applicants presenting 2022/23 data to Ofgem to claim REGOs for NI FMD is 31st

March 2023. 

There are several teams involved in the issuing REGOs, therefore queries should be responded to as soon as

possible to provide the best chance to issue REGOs ahead of this deadline. If you do not engage with us on your application, any potential REGOs, should you gain accreditation, may not be issued for the 2022/2023 period. You should also be aware that suppliers may have their own internal deadlines to have REGOs into their account.

Redevelopment of the Renewables and CHP Register - Timeline and project progress update

 The Renewable Electricity Register (RER) is now planned to launch in April 2023. Further details are available in the link here

Read about our RO/REGO/FIT audit programmes for 2022/23 on our website

Account Access, Output Data Submissions, Certificate Transfers, Application Submissions:
If you are having issues accessing your account or are unable to submit an application or output data, please contact the following teams for support:    

• Renewable Obligation (RO) Scheme
• Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Scheme 
• REGO Scheme  

Viewing PDF Documents: 
It is currently not possible to view uploaded pdf documents in your accreditation application. You are still able to upload pdfs as necessary, but if you have any queries about previously uploaded pdfs, please contact the RO, ROOFIT or CCL and REGO team at the relevant email address below:, or  


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